Metal coating

Tratamiento de metales

Mediante los procesos de:

Zinc en Ácido en barril o colgado en colores: Azúl, Amarillo.

Fosfato de Zinc

Fosfato de Zinc modificado en calcio


Desengrase y Decapado



Colores: Rojo, Negro, Azúl, Verde, Amarillo.

Re-work Services

Material Sorting

Metal treatment processes:

Plating in aAcid Zinc on barrel: Blue, Yellow.

Plating in Alkaline Zinc on rack: blue, yellow and black

Zinc Phosphate

Zinc modified en calcium

Chemical Conversion Coating

Degreasing and Stripping



Colors: Red, Black, Blue, Green, Yellow.

Servicio de Retrabajo

Servicio de Sorteo de Materiales

Metal treatment by electroplating and Anodized

Zinc Plating

Anodazing Process

Automatic Line

Zinc Phosphate



Due the constant manufacturing grow in our region and the constant input requirements Suiitam is born with a clear and strong idea to supply your process of: zinc plating, anodized, iridium, phosphate and passivate.

Suiitam is at your service with the clear purpose to help with your companies’ grown and imput improvement for the manufactory industry in your city.

ISO 9001 Quality Certification MX 19-00050 March 07th 2013 Revision: February 25th 2019

We are

Suiitam, is a company that was born in Reynosa Tamaulipas.

We are committed to have a constant process improvement and in this way getting a better quality product and as a result provide a better service for our customers and to get a great finishing whit a constant quality to meet our customer’s requirement this gives us the security to increase and retain our customers with the philosophy of giving quality service and promtness at all times. Which gives us the possibility of doing business and have advantages over our comptitors.

Our Mission

Suiitam produces quality products and services, giving value to our costumers. Using the latest technology, this makes us achieve the total customer satisfaction.

Our Vision

To find the necessary industrial market input in our region and contributed in jobs generation in our region.

Our People

People: We provide development based opportunities on merit and professional contribution.

Security: We are committed to the safety and care of the environment by promoting and educating responsability and awarness.

Team work: We encourage the participation of all our employees to achieve a common goal, sharing knowledge in a great work environmet.

Ethical conduct: We always act with professionalism, moral integrity, loyalty and respect to everyone.

Focusing on the customer: We focus all our efforts to the customer satisfaction, providing quick quality solutions.

Innovation: We pride to promote continuous improvement and innovation to achieve the highesr quality in all our process.

We focus on results: We direct our efforts toward achievement of objectives in a business project and we always exceed espectations.

Transport Service

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Mario Alejandro

Operation Manager

Eduardo Segura

Materials Manager

Antulio Guerrero

Strategic Project Manager


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